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Vinyl Backed Coir

Code: PBC

Our Coir Matting has superior brush off capability. The PVC base allows cutting to individual shape specifications. Manufactured to fit any mat well or recess size Border Coving for above floor applications. The yarns of this very strong mat exist of 100% natural coir fibres.

Only the best fibres are being used for our products and are hand spun resulting into the finest yarns. Because of the high quality of the raw materials we use for the Coir Matting, we also have a variety of colours.

Suitable for:

• Residential homes
• Public buildings
• Shops and showrooms
• Offices and institutions
• Museums
• Hotels
• Trains
• Airports
• Cruise ships
• Ferries
• Roof terraces and balconies
• Trade shows

Product Options

Name Code Size in cm
100% Natural Coir Fibre RT001 RT001 13mm
100% Natural Coir Fibre RT002 RT002 17mm
100% Natural Coir Fibre RT003 RT003 23mm
100% Natural Coir Fibre RT004 RT004 28mm

Please call our sales team on 1300 365 012 for a finished product costing.