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Perfect for service counters & areas where employees stand for prolonged periods, these all rubber mats are amongst the most popular. The domed rubber bubbles provide a balance of support & cushion, helping reduce discomfort. These mats are lightweight, but rubber construction helps ensure they will stay in place no matter the type of facility floor.  Air domes provide comfort for legs, feet & back. Bevelled edges increase safety by helping to prevent trips & falls. All rubber construction for maximum durability. Reduces fatigue & discomfort while increasing productivity. Made from approx 50% recycled rubber. Can be recycled!!!!!.

Suggested useage: Customer Service or Hotel Registration Counters, Work Stations, Industrial areas, Assembly lines, Airport security & ticketing stations

Product Options

Name Code Size in cm
Individual mat black DM001 60 x 90
Interlocking mat black ends and centres DM002 90 x 120
Interlocking mat black with yellow borders, ends and centres DM003 90 x 120
Yellow Boarder DM003 60 x 90

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