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Comfort Clean

Code: NIK


The Comfort Clean anti-fatigue mat will provide comfort to your feet, legs, back, and more. Drainage holes in the mat permit flow through of liquid for optimum product performance. The durable surface texture and design helps to prevent slipping, while the studded pattern on the bottom permits air circulation.  Developed to provide premium performance in kitchens, bars, freezers, and food processing areas, only to name a few. Comfort Clean is made of a patented nitrile rubber construction which provides in a unique flow through design. It is oil and solvent resistant and meets all ADA height guidelines. DURABLE AND SAFE Comfort Clean is easy to clean with pressure hoses and is durable enough to withstand industrial laundry systems without damage. The durable construction of the Comfort Clean mat will provide cushion comfort and safety for years to come.

Product Options

Name Code Size in cm
UF001 UF001 60 x 85
UF002 UF002 85 x 145
UF003 UF003 91 x 302

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