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Victory Mats

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High-end commercial/domestic entrance matting features attractive texture and colours. The tough construction and "high-low" pattern provides excellent scraper qualities while the fibres absorb moisture and allow dirt to fall away. Solution dyed polypropylene fibres are the fastest drying and most fade resistant of the various fibres used for commercial matting. High Quality Entrance matting, Attractive texture & colours, Tough construction, Excellent scraper & wiper qualities, Absorbs moisture & allows dirt to fall away, Easy maintenance vacuum/wash or hose down, can be used indoors or outdoors. Available in a variety of colours & patterns. Victory mats are a great alternative for lower traffic arears. Vinyl backing means a lighter, chemically resistant construction. Superior water retention qualities. Stain resistant on terrazo, timber & vinyl floors.

Features & Benefits :

100% polypropylene carpet absorbs moisture & dries quickly. Chemically resistant vinyl backing. Tapered edges prevents trips. Suggested areas: Entranceways, Hallways, Lobbies, Service Counters, Office waiting areas & personal offices, Factories, Homes, Shopping Malls, Banks, Hotels, Schools, Shops & Restaurants.

Colours: Brown, red, green, blue & charcoal.  Custom sizes also made to order. Victory Entrance Matting is available in three standard sizes and in five standard colours. Victory is designed to be a loose laying mat that will enhance your entrance whilst protecting the floors and carpets from trodden in dirt. The 3mm thick vinyl backing prevents the dirt and moisture from reaching the floor. It can easily be taken up and cleaned.

Product Options

Name Code Size in cm
Victory Mat VM001 Victory Mat VM001 60 x 90
Victory Mat VM002 Victory Mat VM002 90 x 120
Victory Mat VM003 Victory Mat VM003 90 x 150
Victory Mat VM004 Victory Mat VM004 120 x 180
Victory Mat VM005 Victory Mat VM005 90cm wide PLM
Victory Mat VM006 Victory Mat VM006 120cm wide PLM
Victory Mat VM007 Victory Mat VM007 180cm wide PLM

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