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Ultrasan Mats

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When it comes to any workplace, comfort and safety are top priorities. That's why our UltraSan mats are essential equipment for kitchens, grocery stores, food preparation areas, hotels, health clubs, automotive shops, restrooms, wash basin areas and much more.

PATENTED CONSTRUCTION of non-slip cleats and bevelled edges reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls. Furthermore, these mats inhibit bacterial growth in warm, wet areas like kitchens that would otherwise encourage slime growth which leads to unsafe, slippery surfaces.

Our Antimicrobial additive inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew on the mat, resulting in a cleaner work environment, reduced odour, and reduced build-up of slippery surfaces.

The antimicrobial properties will not leach or migrate from the mat, and will withstand the rigors of multiple industrial washings and are NSF and FDA compliant as well as registered with the EPA for direct food contact applications

Anti-fatigue rubber construction keeps employees comfortable.

Sponge surface reduces breakage.

Drainage holes channel away spills, preventing slips and falls.

Nitrile rubber construction is 100% grease resistant.

The material is lightweight and flexible for easy handling, moving and cleaning.

Easy cleaning - fits into a deep sink and only requires soap and hot water.

Product Options

Name Code Size in cm
US001 US001 85 x 145

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