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Kex Scrubber Mats

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SUPERIOR RUBBER TECHNOLOGY this mat has been combined using superior rubber technology with a multi-directional scrubber design to create the KexScrubber mat. A premium rubber mat that assures you have a premium bottom line.


The KexScrubber is specifically engineered to trap dirt and moisture at the base of the mat. The scrubbing design does not allow the sole of your shoe to come in contact with the base of the mat. As you walk across the mat, your shoe touches only the elevated surface of the mat. Any dirt and moisture falls from your shoe to the base of the KexScrubber mat... keeping dirt and moisture outside your facility where it belongs!  


The KexScrubber is the strongest and most durable rubber mat in the market. It can be used in either outdoor or indoor applications. The KexScrubber mat is oil and solvent resistant, and durable enough to be washed in industrial laundries. It is a natural complement to your existing barrier entry system. With lifelong quality and stability, what more could you ask for?

Product Options

Name Code Size in cm
KS001 KS001 60 x 85
KS002 KS002 86 x 142
KS003 KS003 122 x 182
KS004 KS004 86 x 302

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