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Kex Comfort Mats

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You’ll probably see a refreshing difference in your associates. The unique cushion ergonomics of the Kex Comfort anti-fatigue mat reduces fatigue and noise, keeping you on your toes longer and increasing worker productivity. This could make a very real difference to your bottom line.

PROVIDES SAFE NONSKID SURFACE as the Kex Comfort is made of a patented nitrile rubber construction which provides the extreme comfort in a unique water resistant construction. This mat is designed for the safety, comfort, and protection of all who tread the floors of your business. It is oil and solvent resistant and meets all ADA height guidelines. Perfect for use behind bars, assembly lines, and checkout counters, and since it is oil and solvent resistant, it is also the best anti-fatigue mat for machine shops.

EASY MAINTENANCE – the Kex Comfort is easy to clean with pressure hoses and is durable enough to be washed in industrial laundry systems without damage. It is multi-directional, multi-functional, and its nonskid surface provides a safe and ergonomic solution for all who use it.

Product Options

Name Code Size in cm
KC001 KC001 60 x 85
KC003 KC003 122 x 182
KC004 KC004 86 x 302

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